Eucalyptus Oil for Herpes- Is it Effective?

Herpes InfectionHerpes virus could prove to be one of the lethal viruses that may work against the humanity along with HIV/AIDS and other detrimental viruses. Herpes virus has become stigma on the society as the herpes patients are being discriminated on the basis of this infection. Today if you see around the world then you may probably find myriad of people being discriminated and they are not being included and accepted in the society. It may be interesting to know that today almost one out of six people between the ages of fourteen to forty-nine years old are infected with herpes simplex virus 2, a cause of genitals herpes. Although there are various reports that state around seventy to eighty percent people across the world are infected with herpes virus, these numbers are very awful. Types Of Herpes InfectionThere are basically two kinds of virus that are responsible for herpes infection. Herpes simplex virus 1, which is responsible for giving you symptoms in your mouth and its vicinity such as lips, tongue, nose, eyes, etc. Herpes simplex virus 1 usually causes cold sores, inflammation, and redness of the skin, pain, itching and burning sensation. On the other hand herpes simplex virus 2 also abbreviated as HSV-2 is a kind of infection that affects your genitals and its vicinities such as thighs, vagina, penis, and anus. You may have to face several onerous symptoms such as pain, lesion, fluid-filled blisters, inflammation, highly contagious fluids present in lesion etc. These symptoms could be extensively perturbing.

    When we talk about the treatment options then we may find the gazillion of treatment options that claim to cure herpes symptoms but you would not believe that most of them are the hoax. At present, there is no scientific cure for herpes infection and if you have been infected by this virus once then you may have to leave with this virus for rest of your life. Although there are some treatment options available for herpes virus but they shouldn’t be taken for granted because their efficacy depends on person to person that means it is not necessary that an option is perfectly working for a particular person will definitely work for you as well.eucalyptus oil 1234 There are some essential oils that are in trend and they are offering herpes symptoms to be cured and believe me they are working too. Today we are going to talk about an alternative option that could be the surefire way to take on with herpes symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil that is being used prevalently across the world in order to soothe herpes symptoms. It has antiviral properties that may help assail herpes virus and may also help in alleviating the severity of your infection. It may help inhibit the virus and may also alleviate the acidic environment of your infected skin that will be a big boost for your skin. It also works as a drying agent. If your lesion is not healing no matter what you have done then you should probably go under the shelter of Eucalyptus oil.

It will help dry out the wounds and will fasten the healing process of your skin. It will also inhibit the replication of this virus and you may not have to face frequent outbreaks of this virus. Every good thing comes with a bad or partially bad thing and that is what associated with this oil as well. The odor of this oil may perturb you as it has very hard and pungent odor that may be very hard to bear until you don’t like the smell. If you can bear the smell of this oil then you are good to go and can apply it directly.


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