We know herpes and its symptoms and how much they are dangerous for human beings. Before going in depth of this article, let’s discuss some point about herpes.

What is herpes?

Basically, you know herpes that is a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes is caused by two type herpes simplex virus. The name of these viruses is herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. Herpes simplex virus 1 causes symptoms around the oral area and herpes simplex virus 2 causes symptom on the genital area. So they are also known as oral herpes and genital herpes respectively.
Herpes is spread by very close physical contact. Herpes has several symptoms but the pain is the major symptom amongst all types of symptom. So now we are going to discuss eucalyptus oil for herpes. But it would be unfair to go directly “eucalyptus oil attack on herpes”. Just to assure that you know every bit of the cure you are going to use for herpes, let us see what eucalyptus oil is?

Eucalyptus Oil

Diluted Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is the native of Australia and it is distilled from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. This tree is generally very tall and grows in the marshy area where the Sun rays cannot reach. Eucalyptus oil has the wide range of applications. If we count the applications of eucalyptus, they are never going to end. Now we are on the track of the article. Let us see the impact of eucalyptus oil on herpes.

Why we use Eucalyptus oil for herpes:

This oil has so many beneficial properties that you can use it to treat any kind of diseases that are incurable and herpes is one of those incurable diseases. Yes, my friends, with the help of it, you can treat herpes. Now one question can create a problem in your brain and that question is “how I am so much confident about Eucalyptus oil to take care of herpes”? And what is so special inside the eucalyptus oil that can make it capable of treating herpes? Please keep patience; we will give the answer to all these questions:

Why eucalyptus oil?

Eucalyptus oil has several types of properties that allow us to use it in almost all types of health problems. These properties include
Anti-inflammatory property:
We know herpes creates the problem like cold sore, rashes, itching and blister with full fluid etc and due to the anti-inflammatory property, eucalyptus oil can be used in almost every kind of skin problem created by the infection. It gives relief very soon.

eucalyptus oil

Analgesic property:

We know that the main symptom of herpes is the pain in body and muscle and the analgesic properties of eucalyptus oil are needed to get rid of this kind of problems. So we recommend you to use eucalyptus oil to get relief from pain problem.

Germicide property:

Eucalyptus oil has the properties like antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. So we can say that whatever the microorganisms are, it will be the enemy of the eucalyptus oil. If nothing can kill the virus, eucalyptus oil can do that job. We can say that this oil reduces the chances of microbial infection.

How to use eucalyptus oil:

We can use this oil directly on the cold sore. One drop of this oil is sufficient. We can add this oil in the equivalent amount other oil such as peppermint oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil or chamomile oil. These ways of using eucalyptus oil add some other benefits to your treatment method and will make it more fool proof. You can inhale the steam of eucalyptus oil; this will help you to boost your respiratory system and open your mind, so try this steam every day or whenever you feel weak.


Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. Before applying this oil, firstly check whether you have allergy problem to it or not. For this, you can drop one drop of this oil on the skin. If after 15 minutes, it is ok, you can use it. Otherwise, go for other natural home remedies to treat your herpes.


In this article, we saw how much eucalyptus oil is beneficial to treat herpes. Apart from this, we want to add some more interesting points. Eucalyptus oil is also used in soap because its fragrance is very refreshing.
We saw that Eucalyptus oil has a number of medicinal and health enhancing properties, due to these properties; it can lower down the human temperature. We can also use Eucalyptus oil in the incurable disease like diabetes and herpes. Eucalyptus oil is also used to take care of dental problems. So use eucalyptus oil to treat these whenever you get affected. Keep fit and stay healthy.



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